Creating your AM: software options

There are some options for the software running on your AM.

Some are full suites that fully manage the entire testbed as well as providing the AM interface. Others are thin layers that bridge the AM interface to existing testbed management software.

Lightweight AM interface

GCF - Geni Control Framework


This python AM can be used to wrap existing testbed software.

Based on GCF, the docker AM example was created:

This AM provides resources using docker containers. Note that this is meant as a demo: the aim is not to offer the containers as actual testbed resources. This is a useful as a starting point, for testbeds that need to:

  • Host resource management software in a container. Users will thus connect to this container to use the testbed resources.
  • Provide access to resources through a “skip node” or “proxy” (which runs in a container).



O2CMF is a framework based on GCF for federated experimentation based on the OpenStack Cloud Platform. It was developed in the Futebol-project. It provides an AM and a SSH Proxy, composing the following topology on the testbed:



Java based AM


Testbed management software with AM interface



Emulab is powerfull testbed management software, that includes support for hardware links. It is written mostly in perl, and is quite complex to install.

Foam - Flowvisor OpenFlow Aggregate Manager


Openflow specific. Not sure if still maintained.

GRAM - Openstack AM

GENI Aggregate Manager (AM) API front-end to a set of Openstack managed cloud resources