Tutorial jFed map of testbedsΒΆ

jFed has now map functionality where you can visualize the locations of testbeds on a map based on the type of resource you want. E.g. if you drag in Generic node you will see all testbeds, if you drag in a Physical node you will only see the locations supporting physical nodes, etc.

E.g. to see all supported testbeds in jFed, drag a Generic node icon on the canvas, right click, and click the green map icon right of the Select testbed drop down box.

Click green map icon besides Select testbed:


Then a map will open where you can select a testbed:


For specific testbeds (e.g. wireless testbeds, Planetlab), it is then also supported to have a specific map of the nodes in that testbed only by clicking the red map icon right of the specific node item.